According to VARIETY, Director Josh Trank (Chronicle) has finalized the cast for his reboot of The Fantastic Four at Fox.

Looks like it’s Kate Mara (House of Cards), Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now), and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) will be joining Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) as Sue Storm, Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, and Johnny Storm respectively, once everybody signs on the dotted line.

Based on the comic “The Ultimate Fantastic Four,” the contemporary update will focus on the characters as young men and women. Josh Trank will helm the pic with Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn and Gregory Goodman serving as producers.

For more news, see the link above.

So what do you think? Rock solid casting? A stretch? Another pun?


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  1. Adam Barraclough

    I’m okay with the casting, I think they are all interesting choices. I’m not sure how hardcore FF fans will take it, but I welcome a fresh take.
    The decision to go in a “teen” direction with the Ultimate storyline is a bit perplexing, but it definitely provides a clear break from the previous FF film efforts.
    And I think Josh Trank did a good job with Chronicle, particularly in terms of how he portrayed a group of characters on the cusp of adulthood.

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