• Dignan

    Agree. Pissed off with what they have been doing with Carol. They essentially made the Saviors ‘magic’, giving them omniscient powers, the ability to always know where Rick and Co would be, the very fact that they would be hitting the road when they did (!?), knowing their exact route in the forest, and to have overwhelming numbers as needed. My biggest question in this area was ‘Where the fuck is your rocket launcher?’ that was used so effectively by Daryl earlier in the season to dispatch another set of Saviors, seems like having that would have come in handy when they encountered the roadblock(s) in the first place. But conveniently I guess it no longer exists.

    And the ridiculous ending…what a ripoff. After teasing this for so long, to give the dedicated fans the metaphorical finger felt like a smug insult. The fact that the entire unnecessarily bloated 90 minute affair felt like it was composed of about 40% commercials didn’t do the production any favors either, which in the end just made the finale feel cheap and me feel manipulated.

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