• George

    Good spot about the shots: They’re either beautifully structured static shots or there’s slight movement. So whenever there is a close-up or hand-held camera movement it really stands out and emphasises.

    One thing: If Lee really was leaving Wilson in the car park, how was Lee planning to get away? British cars are right-hand drive with the gear stick on the left, for use with one’s left hand…

  • George

    I wasn’t so keen on the Ian phone call either; just not that well put togethr. It was maybe just that the episode was slightly compressed. There should have been another scene before that one, perhaps.

    “You, Becky and Grant are in great danger.” – Milner
    “I didn’t say Becky was with us.” – Ian

    Well, neither did Milner, really. And surely the public phone box number would come up, even if Milner “didn’t have tracking on” her line. Although, 141 I suppose.

    The fact I’m being so picky means It must have been good…

    I liked how they’re managing the attitude to New Arby: hat and beard change his appearance to break association with last season’s violence; he kills Ben and family but you only see the aftermath, not him doing it.

    • George

      Thinking again about it now, I think it’s actually that Ian is lost in this episode. It’s not so much that the character is underwritten, becomes he becomes more of an “actor” in later episodes, once he has focus.

      • Paul Brian McCoy

        He definitely gets some focus after last week’s episode. I think they just didn’t really have anything for him to be doing until the Network gives him something to sharpen his attention.