• George

    And to think, I doubted there should be a second series…

    This episode very cleverly brought all the main characters together, realigning them, both physically and morally, ready for the finale, without it seeming obvious it was happening – because of all the funny little details provided en route. All converging on the moor! Brilliant.

    Glad it wasn’t the last we were to see of Marius.

    Semi-spoiler: The channel 4 page for this show offers promotional preview clips for the next episode each week, so I can reveal we don’t just jump ahead. Wilson and Ian discuss what to do; etc. Ian has really come on dramatically!


    • Paul Brian McCoy

      I honestly have no idea how they’re going to resolve this! At least in a way that doesn’t mean mass death and devastation.

      The moors were just beautiful. Whoever does the location scouting for this show outdid themselves this season.

      • George

        They did a great job. Those scenes at the Yorkshire Dales National Park are amazing.

        No idea how this will end. So, the team will go tracking for Burger Station man, but apart from that? It seems unlikely they can win. I’m assuming Pietre will come through, but he’s going to be a bit out of action for the final act (perhaps intentional on the writer’s part, so that our gang are left without professional hit-man type skills on their side for this section).

        Ooh, exciting.

        • George

          Just caught up on S02E06. Can’t wait to read what you guys think of the final episode.

      • George

        I may have said this before, but one great advantage they have in this series is that you only ever really see the main characters, in a room or in a field, with pretty much no background people (except in the occasional cafe/burger bar scene).

        So if the third series was post-apocalyptic, not much would change onscreen, except for the occasional news report on the telly!

        It says a lot about the series that it doesn’t actually feel “empty” in this way, because the screen is always so full of other things.

  • George

    On the change in director, I rewatched this episode and noticed the shots are generally much less static. On the moor, there’s lots of slightly unstable camera work where Marc Munden would have kept it fixed – for instance, when three people are talking on the moor and the perspective shifts from to back to front as they talk.

    The framing is the same, but the camera is less fixed. I think this gives it all a slightly messier feel, as if the episodes are crowded with extra information, and I think that is what marks the difference between 1-3 and 4-6 this season.