13 Days of Halloween Day 4: Cult of Chucky (2017)

The direct-to-video film Cult of Chucky (2017) picks up where the previous film left off. Once again, I viewed the unrated version this time around instead of the R-rated. The unrated version has more gore and a nice post credits scene. I also urge you to stop here and watch the movie if you have not already, then be sure to come back. Spoilers ahead and this movie is too good to get spoiled!

We discover that Nica (Fiona Dourif) has been blamed for all of the murders that occurred in her home and no one believes Chucky (Brad Dourif) did it. After some good behavior and pretending that she is cured, Nica has been transported to a lower security hospital.

Unfortunately for Nica, she has the worst psychiatrist in history treating her. Dr. Foley, Michael Therriault, brings a Good Guys doll to group therapy in order to help Nica face that she is the one who committed the murders. Dr. Foley explains that each doll had one out of fifty names and 2% of them were named “Chucky.” Dr. Foley specifically found one named “Chucky” from Hot Topic. This is our first glimpse that Dr. Foley’s methods are at least questionable. Later on, we discover he has been sexually assaulting Nica while he has her under hypnosis. Not only is this obviously terrible, but it is even more devastating because Nica has lost everyone and everything. Because we are invested in her emotionally, we want someone to be on her side instead of someone taking advantage of her.

Dr. Foley also allows Nica to meet with Ms. Valentine (Jennifer Tilly). We know that “Ms. Valentine” is actually Tiffany Valentine who has possessed Jennifer Tilly’s body. Evidently, she has given up the Jennifer Tilly façade and is living as Tiffany. Ms. Valentine was Alice’s (Summer H. Howell) guardian after her paternal grandmother died. Remember, Alice had been possessed by Chucky at the end of Curse of Chucky (2013). Even though I am not a fan of Alice, I would have liked to have seen her on screen as a possessed instead of her possession being implied. She informs Nica that Alice has killed herself and it is then that Nica finally loses all hope.

This is a hard scene for me in an otherwise pretty decent horror movie. Nica recognizes her later on as Charles Lee Ray’s girlfriend. Even if no one believes Nica’s story about Chucky, they should at least see her as obsessed with Charles Lee Ray and it seems a huge conflict for her niece to be cared for by Ray’s former girlfriend. Not only did Ms. Valentine serve to crush Nica’s spirit, she also gave Nica a Good Guys doll. As she leaves, Ms. Valentine says, “Good luck.” At first, we think that is to Nica, but afterwards we realize it is to Chucky who has possessed the doll.

This film might as well be called Chucky and the Deathly Hallows as there are finally multiple Good Guys dolls possessed by Chucky at the same time. First, we have the Chucky Ms. Valentine brought in, but he transferred part of himself into Dr. Foley’s doll. On top of that, Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) has anonymously shipped Dr. Foley a Good Guys doll that has a buzz cut. Meanwhile, the original Chucky that was shipped to him in the post credits scene of Curse of Chucky (2013), is still locked away at Andy’s home. Whew! It is a lot to keep track of, but each Chucky is different visually so we can keep up.

Oh yeah…Andy! This is the first time since Child’s Play 3 (1991) that Andy Barclay plays a central character. Andy has either moved from his apartment to a cabin or just so happens to own a cabin he has turned into basically an armory where he keeps Chucky’s decapitated head chained up and in a safe. Andy spends his lonely nights torturing Chucky. He has shipped the buzzed cut Chucky doll to Dr. Foley with a gun hidden inside. The reason he has cut the hair of the doll is so Andy can quickly identify him. When he is not allowed to see Nica, he commits himself in an attempt to save her. Although he does not succeed, it is implied that he survives yet another round with Chucky.

This film contains one of the few sex scenes in the franchise. Nica and Malcolm (Adam Hurtig), another patient have sex right after meeting. At first, she thinks he seems “normal,” but shortly discovers he is “Multiple Malcolm,” a patient with multiple personalities. I am not sure if Nica just craved feeling loved or desired, but it seemed incredibly quick and did not really add anything to the story for me. It is interesting that this franchise does not contain much sexual content, but, then again most of the main characters are usually children. Since there is such a lack of sex in the franchise, it is more glaring and out of place when there is a sex scene.

There are a few actors and actresses that played small parts in Curse of Chucky (2013) that also have roles in this movie. Adam Hurtig plays Multiple Malcolm in this film and played Officer Stanton in Curse of Chucky (2013). Officer Stanton is a cop that sneaks Chucky away from the crime scene and plans to sell him in a scene that is similar to one in Bride of Chucky (1998). If we have learned anything, it should be NOT to try to sell Chucky to a mysterious stranger! Ali Tataryn plays Nurse Ashley in this movie and previously played the US EX employee that delivers Chucky to Andy in the post-credits scene. Lastly, Darren Wall plays a security guard at the hospital and previously appeared as a highway police officer. This is probably just a coincidence, but it gave me a Wizard of Oz (1939) feeling. We see these familiar faces before the fall of Nica and during the events that are her undoing.

Yes…sadly, Nica becomes possessed by Chucky/Charles Lee Ray! Somehow, he has finally perfected his soul transferring! All of the rules from before have been thrown out. I was rooting for Nica, but it is a Chucky movie and not a Nica movie, after all. It is a remarkable visual to see Fiona Dourif dressed similarly to her father from the beginning of the movie that started the entire franchise! I could not help but be reminded of Bound (1996) as Nica and Ms. Valentine drive off together in a classic car.

I hope you opted for the unrated version so you can see the post-credits scene when Kyle (Christine Elise) pops into the cabin and tells the Chucky head “we’re going to have some fun” while sporting the same hat she wore in Child’s Play 2 (1990). These post-credits scenes are great gifts from Mancini to Chucky fans. My only complaint…knowing how dangerous he his and that he knows Voodoo chants, Andy would NOT leave Chucky’s head out of the safe! I know, I know I am Debbie Downer, but I cheered like everyone else when I saw that scene!

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