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Although Comics Bulletin had run reviews for Constantine and Batman Begins in 2005, and then Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and The Dark Knight in 2008, it wasn’t until October 2009 that the most diverse comics fan site on the internet launched a column devoted specifically to covering Television and Movies. Shot for Shot, initially conceived of and written by Charles Webb and Matthew Fantaci, was the place to go for intelligent and witty banter about cult films from around the world, as well as some current animated fare. Within a few months Paul Brian McCoy had also ventured into TV and movie coverage a series of columns looking back at the origins of Marvel’s TV movie presence in the 70s for the now-defunct F.O.O.M. (Flashbacks of Ol’ Marvel) column.

By 2011, Shot for Shot had broadened its scope and was running regular reviews of DVD and theatrical releases, along with a steady stream of weekly television coverage. Then, in October of that year, Comics Bulletin opted to begin providing TV and Movie reviews alongside their regular comics review coverage, and Shot for Shot became the place for commentary, editorials, and historical columns all under the Iron Editorial Fist of Paul Brian McCoy, straight through to December 2012.

After a six-month fling with nervous exhaustion and a slight psychotic break, McCoy returned and again began terrorizing the Comics Bulletin staff writers with unreasonable demands and harsh language. Now, in 2014, Comics Bulletin owner/editor-in-chief Jason Sacks has authorized the breaking off of the TV and Movie coverage into the free-standing Sister Site you see before you.

Psycho Drive-In will be hearkening back to that original mandate that Webb and Fantaci established, focusing on fringe entertainment and celebrating the decisively odd from around the world. The site is owned and operated by Paul Brian McCoy while all of the content is owned by the individual authors who have contributed to everything leading up to this new site launch. The majority of content here was originally produced for Comics Bulletin and can also still be found there. All of the original writers have authorized the re-posting of their work here in the spirit of fandom and the tradition of classic fanzine writers since the dawn of geekdom.

At the time of the launch there were still a few writers who were unavailable or who had just completely disappeared. If you happen to be one of those missing Comics Bulletin writers from the past few years, and you would like to have your work reposted under the Psycho Drive-In banner, please use the Contact link to drop us a line and be warmly embraced back into the fold.

Thanks to everybody who has supported us over the years over at CB!

Here’s to the sparkly, brand new chapter in our ongoing story!

Here’s to Psycho Drive-In!

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