American Carnage: Tales of Trumpian Dystopia (Kindle Edition)


American Carnage features five writers from the horror/pop culture website Psycho Drive-In, telling original tales of dystopian science fiction and horror in Post-Trumpocalypsian settings.

John E. Meredith’s ” What Kind of Monster Are You?” offers a unique take on a classic science fiction trope: aliens are coming to steal our women! But this time, they’ve got a distinctly more sinister endgame in mind.

Rick Shingler’s “The Day the World Turned Day-Glo” is set after a major new technology has effectively made sunlight a commodity. And the only person who can do anything about it is alone on the moon.

Dan Lee’s “None but the Brave” follows the adventures of a sociopathic anti-terrorist agent in a future where nobody’s minds are safe from observation – not even after death.

R. Mike Burr’s “Where Eagles Dare” is set the day after tomorrow as an unnamed protagonist comes under scrutiny by ill-intentioned patriots.

Lastly, Paul Brian McCoy’s “Big Takeover” continues the adventures of the protagonists of his novel The Unraveling, as they take a trip into the dreaming mind of the President in order to save him, and the country, from potential apocalypse.

These five stories range from straight science fiction to existential horror to trash/schlock splatter. If you’re feeling anxiety over the state of the world, these stories might not alleviate that worry, but they will definitely inspire, and disgust, you, all at the same time!



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