Black Flag TV is the place to see many truly amazing independent films produced by filmmakers driven by a passion for the genre! We broadcast (almost) 24/7free of charge, screening imaginative movies that you just won’t find at your local video store or through mainstream download channels.

What’s on Black Flag TV?

Everything from independent short and feature films, series, and documentaries to music videos and even vintage public-domain films. Most of our content falls under the umbrella of horror/ thrillers, fantasy, space and science fiction, action, and martial arts. But you’ll also discover edgy comedies and bizarre stuff that just cannot be categorized! On Black Flag TV, we run midnight movies all day long!

But remember, these are Midnight Movies all day long, so they’re not always going to be kid-friendly. That means nudity, cursing, and violence at times. So all you youngsters out there, get your parents’ permission before watching!

Make sure you follow Black Flag TV’s tweets to be notified about updates and programming on the station. You can also join Black Flag TV’s owner Sv Bell on Facebook! Don’t be a stranger!

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