It’s that time of year again! Time to celebrate the Resurrection with a weeklong plunge into all things zombie! Here’s the history: In 2008, Dr. Girlfriend and I decided to spend a week or so each year marathoning through zombie films that we’d never seen before, and I would blog short reviews. And simple as that, the Easter Zombie Movie Marathon was born.

For the curious, here are links to 20082009 (a bad year), 201020112012 (when we left the blog behind), 20132014201520162017201820192020, 2021 and 2022.

Easter kind of crept up on us and jumped us from behind this year, but we’re up and running and ready for a week (plus a few days extra) of undead goodness! We’re relaxing the rules a bit this year to open it up to some not-quite-zombies entries that still generally get regarded as being part of the zombie movie paradigm regardless of what their creators have to say (I’m looking at you, THE LAST OF US).

So here’s a list of the films that we’ll be watching at our house, just in case you want to watch along at home. But a word of warning! This list is subject to change at our discretion, if something is just too horrible to stick with for the full runtime. That doesn’t happen very often, but it does occur now and then. Regardless, this year we’ve got an exciting international swath of zombie cinema that looks like it’s going to be a good year. We’ve included where each film can be seen, and this year, only one film required additional spending outside of our standard Netflix and Shudder subscriptions.

Plus, we’ll be watching THE LAST OF US, one episode per night to get caught up with the national zeitgeist!

But without further ado, here’s the schedule! Expect reviews to be posted the following days, as we have day jobs and won’t generally have a chance to get reviews up the same days as the viewings.

Sunday, Bloody SundayI Am a Hero (2016) Japanese 126 min – Amazon Prime rental

Merciless MondayThe Sadness (2021) Taiwan 99 min – Shudder

Tribulation TuesdayZombie for Sale (2019) Korean 112 min – Amazon Prime

Die-Spy WednesdayYummy (2019) Belgium 96 min – Shudder

Moldy Thursday#Alive (2020) Korean 98 min – Netflix

Bad FridayValley of the Dead (2020) Spain 101 min – Netflix

Holy-Shit SaturdayGrave Robbers (1989) Mexico 88 min – Shudder

Resurrection SundayDon’t Kill Me (2021) Italy 90 min – Netflix

Unholy MondayEvil in the Time of Heroes (2013) Greek 91 min – Tubi and Vudu

So let’s get down to it, boppers! Let’s go!

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